Use your 730 to send EAS messages via RDS

DASDEC and ENDEC Interfacing for your 730 Encoder

Posted on April 30, 2018 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

When it comes to RDS, our priority is always to enhance the listener experience. So when it became possible to make EAS (Emergency Alert System) messages display on RDS enabled consumer radios we thought we’d include that feature in our flagship RDS encoder.

All you need to make this work is the latest firmware version (2.9) of our 730 RDS Encoder and either a Digital Alert Systems DASDEC or SageDigital ENDEC.

Here’s how you enable it.

For the Digital Alert Systems DASDEC

  1. Log onto the DASDEC via the web browser interface.
  2. Follow steps in the official DAS guide here.

For the Digital Alert Systems DASDEC

  1. Make sure you have the latest firmware (1.0h/74), and the latest ENDECSetD. Both are here:
  2. With ENDECSetD, use the Peripheral tab to build a new peripheral, set the type to Inovonics 730. For the Peripheral Base URL format, use “IP:Port”, for example:
  3. Then just enter the proper IP address and port number of your Inovonics 730 and you’re done.

For the Digital Alert Systems DASDEC

  1. As long as the 730 is running firmware version 2.9 (shipping since Dec 2010) then the 730 will work right out of the box. No special settings or “mode” is required .

Once this is done, the 730 RDS Encoder will be able to receive the necessary data from either product and will temporarily – and automatically- override any current or scheduled RDS messaging with EAS messages.

In addition to the standard EAS audio alerts, listeners will be able to view EAS messages scrolling across their RDS enabled car radios and mobile devices.