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NOW AVAILABLE. The easy and reliable way to add dynamic RDS text messaging on a budget.

ThereĀ“s an intuitive Web interface to program and manage your 704. The 704 is compatible with all standard playout systems.

The 704 will identify your station by format, display your station's "street name", and continuously update the Artist and Song title as provided by the playout system through a network connection.


  • Quick-and-easy way to add a dynamic RDS/RBDS presence.

  • Scrolling-PS (up to 128 characters) and Radio Text static messaging (up to 64 characters).

  • Front panel LCD display and Navigation Knob.

  • Flashing-red Front-Panel Alarms.

  • Web interface for set-up, programing and management. SNMP Support.

  • Encoder programming is easily confirmed on-site via LCD display.

  • Rapid data transfer allows scrolling messages to be updated in seconds.

  • The 704 INOmini may be used with stereo or mono signals.

  • Firmware is remotely updateable via webserver.

  Online Demo Available