FM/RDS SiteStreamer™

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The INOmini 635 is a Web-enabled FM receiver for remote signal monitoring. It is essentially a remote-control FM radio with remote audio monitoring capabilities via the Internet. Installed at a transmitter/translator site or any remote location, it streams off-air audio or a wired audio feed back to any computer, tablet or mobile device. The browser interface enables remote tuning, displays audio levels and RDS data, and logs signal parameters. Email, SMS messaging and SNMP protocols are fully supported.

The Station Rotation™ feature permits monitoring of station presets by ‘round robin’ sequencing of up to 30 stations - each with its specific alarm parameters.

"This was the only product that had all the features we wanted. The device has a simple interface both for use and configuration. The end user experience was thoroughly thought out with all aspects of use being developed including access from mobile devices."

- Jason Reed, Dir. of Technology & Broadcasting at Blue Ridge Public Radio


  • Station Rotation™ - monitor all station presets by ‘round robin’ sequencing, each with its specific alarm parameters

  • Tunes the Extended FM band: 64MHz to 108MHz

  • Analog AUX input monitors hardwired audio feeds

  • Remote monitoring at transmitter / translator sites

  • Full dynamic browser support including audio

  • Streaming through the Web interface

  • Logs RSSI, Audio Loss, RDS Errors

  • Measures audio levels for accurate diagnosis

  • Measures audio levels for accurate diagnosis

  • Easy to set up and use

  • Headphone jack

  Online Demo Available


It works flawlessly and lets us know if we have an issue immediately. We use the SiteStreamer to monitor our FM radio stations. It was easy to install and operate. Pretty much set it and forget it after the first few days of tweaking.

- Brooke Myers - Tiger Communications

Not long after returning to Phoenix, the old CRL audio processor lost its right output channel. HOW DID I KNOW? The Site Streamer!

- Eric Schecter: KJZZ/KBAQ/Sun Sounds - AZ

Game changer! I'll finally be able to monitor a distant translator!

- Eric Schecter: KJZZ/KBAQ/Sun Sounds - Phoenix, AZ

Dynamite product allows me freedom of looking at our TX site from home.

- Gordon Heffler - CFEP Radio. Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA

Inovonics' 635 SiteStreamer wins the 2015 Product Innovation Award

- NewBay Media Radio World - January 29, 2016


Tuning Range

Extended FM band: 64MHz to 108MHz in 100kHz steps.

Antenna Input

75-ohm ‘F’

Receiver Sensitivity

≤10uV for 50dB monaural SNR.

Audio Frequency Response

±1dB, 30Hz–15kHz; 50μs/75μs de-emphasis.

Program Line Input

Active-balanced (XLR) left/right analog inputs; internal jumpering for +4dBu or –10dBu “zero-VU” levels; local and remote switching between off-air and line feeds.

Network Connection

LAN (RJ-45) jack accepts universal TCP/ IP connection to Local Area Network, and via router to the Internet.

Power Requirement

12VDC at 140mA (2.1mm x 5.5mm coaxial); inline switchmode power supply included.

Mounting Options

An optional rack adapter mounts one, two or three INOmini format units in a standard 19-inch, 1U rack space.

Size and Weight

1.6”H x 5.5”W x 5.5”D; 4 lbs. shipping weight.


Continuous operation at ambient temperatures between 32ºF/0ºC and 122ºF/50ºC; 0-95% relative humidity, non-condensing, altitudes to 10,000ft/3,048m.