HD Radio™ Monitor/Receiver

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The 632-00 has been replaced in our catalog by model 679.

The INOmini 632 is an FM and FM/HD Radio™ receiver for off-air broadcast monitoring. It receives standard analog FM broadcast transmissions, as well as FM/HD Radio digital broadcasts transmitted via the FM station’s associated HD1 through HD8 auxiliary, digital broadcasting channels. Analog FM and HD Radio digital programs are both accompanied by digitized text and ‘housekeeping’ data. FM RDS (Radio Data System) and HD Radio PAD (Program- Associated Data) are shown on the front-panel LCD display of the 632, along with readouts of signal quality information. In addition, HD Radio PAD data may be accessed by a connected computer for analysis and logging.

When the 632 is set by the user to receive HD Radio digital broadcasts, it does not automatically revert to FM reception if the digital signal is lost. Thus this receiver is not a suitable radio for general consumer use.

*Ask about our custom mounting rack that can hold up to 3 INOmini series modules in a 1U space.


  • Reception of all standard FM and FM/HD Radio broadcasts

  • Easy setup using the LCD screen and jog-wheel navigation of the receiver’s menu tree

  • Front-panel display of most-essential FM RDS (Radio Data system) and HD Radio

  • Provision for PAD data analysis and logging with a connected computer

  • Direct display of RT+ tagging data

  • Analog L/R and AES-digital program line outputs

  • Front-panel alarms with rear-panel tallies for Carrier Loss, Digital Program Loss and Audio Loss



Radio Magazine Field Report

- Barry Thomas, CPBE CBNT Field Report: Inovonics INOmini 632


Tuning Range

87.7MHz – 107.9MHz in 100kHz steps

Antenna Input

75-ohm (F)

Receiver Sensitivity

10μV for 50dB monaural FM S/N

Audio Frequency Response

  • FM: 30Hz–15kHz

  • HD: 20Hz–20kHz

FM De-Emphasis


RDS Field Displayed


HD-Radio PAD Data Displayed


Program Audio Output(s)

+4dBm balanced Analog Left/ Right (XLR); AES Digital (XLR); Front-Panel Headphone Jack (1/8” TRS)

PAD Data Output

Front-panel mini-USB connector; fixed 115200 baud rate. Windows® analysis and logging software is supplied.

Alarm Tallies

Individual open-collector NPN transistor outputs for Carrier Loss, Digital Loss and Audio Loss

Power Requirements

12VDC at 180mA. A ‘wall-outlet transformer’ (WallWart®) switching-type power supply appropriate to the destination AC mains voltage is provided, along with a short DC power cord to allow this 632 to be ‘daisy-chained’ with additional 632 receivers or other INOmini modules that share a common rack mount adapter.

Mounting Options

The 632 may easily be fastened to any convenient surface with two small screws. An optional rack adapter may be used to rack-mount up to three INOmini modules in a 1U, 19-inch rack space.

Size and Weight

11”H x 9”W x 2”D; 2 lbs. shipping weight

280mm x 229mm x 51mm ; 0.91 kg