FM Modulation Monitor

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The 541 is Inovonics fourth-generation FM Modulation Monitor. It delivers a wealth of information about the transmitted signal in terms of the RF carrier and all subcarriers, the audio component defining the technical quality that the listener hears, and full decoding of RDS data and SCA audio.

The all-digital 541 combines detailed DSP signal analysis with a menu-driven touch­screen display, plus Webserver-based total access for remote operation, including measurements, graphical data and direct Web-browser audio monitoring of the off-air program.

The Ultimate FM Signal Monitoring Solution


  • Unexcelled off-air reception of analog-FM broadcasts with highly-accurate displays of total modulation and other measurements, even in the presence of on-channel or adjacent-channel HD Radio carriers at any level.

  • Intuitive, menu-driven setup from the front panel, or remote setup and operation with the built-in Webserver that may be addressed over any IP network by computer or mobile device. The 541 supports full SNMP remote control and monitoring.

  • Graphic front-panel and remote display of all level metering; FFT spectrum analysis of IF passband, MPX baseband and program audio; oscilloscope display of program audio and stereo XY.

  • Alarms for a range of signal faults, with tallies and SMS/text or email message dispatches to specific individuals for various alarm conditions. All alarms are logged chronologically as well.

  • Analog, AES3-digital, HTTP/UDP Web-streaming and independent AoIP-streaming program audio outputs, plus an FM composite/MPX baseband output.

  • The BandScanner™ utility scans the FM spectrum and displays each station with its signal level, PI code and call sign.

  • StationRotation™ mode enables automatic sequential monitoring of multiple station presets.

  • Collects and logs a history-over-time of FM and audio signal parameters.

  • Accurate program loudness measurement to the human perception ITU-R BS.1770 (‘LU’) loudness specification.

  • Stays on-channel and retains measurement setups through signal and power losses.

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