Telephone Line Switch

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Inovonics’ "PBX" allows several dial-up devices (remote controls, telephone sets, alarm boxes, modems, etc.) to utilize a single Telco subscriber line. Outgoing calls are handled on a first-priority basis, and incoming calls are forwarded to the proper device using touch-tone routing codes. The "PBX" is ideal for transmitter sites, power plants, pumping stations or other remote equipment locations that are served by a single central-office telephone line.


  • Automatic telephone line switching box

  • Connect several dial-up devices to a single phone line

  • Handles incoming and outgoing calls



Central Office Compatibility

Standard 48-volt, 40mA subscriber loop equipped for touch-tone service. Connection via RJ11 jack, polarity protection provided.

Subscriber Set Compatibility

Accepts any modem, tel-set, fax machine, alarm equipment, etc. intended for direct connection with a touch-tone-equipped central office telephone line. Connections via RJ11 jacks.

Panel Indicators

POWER, C.O. CONNECT, MODEM CONNECT on front panel. Rear-panel indicators next to each jack light when that device goes off-hook.

Power Requirement

12VAC at 500mA. A “walltransformer” power supply is provided. The PBX will also operate from an external DC source between 15V and 20V.

Size and Weight

2”H x 6”W x 8”D; 4 lbs.