FM Digital Stereo Processor/Generator

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Omega FM is a full-featured FM processor/stereocoder of exceptional value. It does not use application-specific DSP chips, instead it applies Pentium®-class computing power directly to all processing and stereo-generating functions. Among the many other advantages, this architecture helps keep Omega_FM obsolescence-proof. Future upgrades are simply software uploads that do not require additional hardware or factory modifications to the unit.

User interface is simple and straightforward. Omega FM may be used right out of the box with no computer or software commands required. Nevertheless, connecting a PC (or modem) and running the supplied software places almost all processing parameters under local (or remote) user control. Favorite setups may be added to the basic factory presets, creating a group of files that may easily be managed or shared among installations.


  • All-digital FM-airchain with integrated audio processor and stereo-generator

  • Analog and digital inputs; simultaneous and independent MPX (composite) and AES (digital audio) outputs

  • Simplified user interface

  • Low latency – monitor off air



Frequency Response

±0.5dB, 20Hz-15kHz.


  • <0.05%THD, 20Hz-4kHz

  • <0.25%THD above 4kHz

  • Noise: better than 75dB below full modulation

Stereo Separation

better than 65dB

Stereo Crosstalk

(M/S or S/M): better than –65dB


75µs, 50µs or 0 (flat).

Sampling Rate


Latency (Program Signal Delay)


Boot Time (Power-up to operate)

<3sec. (Measurements reflect the worst case of any in/out configuration: analog or digital inputs to analog, digital or composite/MPX outputs.)

Analog Inputs

Left/Right XLRs, active-balanced, >10k-ohms bridging; accept nominal program levels between -20dBu and +20dBu.

Digital Inputs

AES/EBU balanced XLR; S/PDIF unbalanced BNC.

Analog Outputs

Left/Right active-balanced XLRs, <100-ohm source impedance; adjustable to deliver 0dBm to +15dBm into 600 ohms.

Digtal Inputs

AES/EBU balanced XLR; S/PDIF unbalanced BNC.

Composite/MPX Output

Unbalanced BNC, 50-ohm source impedance; adjustable between 0.5V p-p and 5.0v p-p. 19kHz stereo pilot injection nominally 9% relative to ±75kHz deviation.

User Interface

Front-panel buttons select or alter 12 factory/userprogrammed presets. Front- and rear-panel DB-9 ports afford RS-232 computer control over all parameters using any PC and supplied software. Front-panel LED bargraph metering accurately displays dynamic action of all processing stages.

Power Requirements

105-130VAC or 210-260VAC, 50/60Hz; 90W

Size and Weight

3-1/2”H x 19”W x 12”D (2U); 13 lbs