DAVID IV HD Radio™ Delay Board

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The 719-01 HD Radio™ Delay Board is an optional drop-in accessory for our 719N DAVID IV FM/HD Radio™ Broadcast Processor. It enables up to 9.999 seconds of audio delay for the Composite (MPX) and/or analog and digital program line outputs.

Because there is an obligatory delay of roughly 8 seconds in the digital program encoding and decoding process present in HD Radio™, the analog-FM signal must be delayed by this same amount to arrive in sync with the digital signal. This time-aligning “diversity delay,” as it is called, is enabled in the DAVID IV with this optional accessory circuit board that is simply plugged into a header strip on the main board.

The delay is adjustable between zero and 9.999 seconds in one-millisecond increments, and once installed, activates new a menu adjustment, using either the front-panel jog wheel or remote PC software.

Use of this accessory board requires at least Rev. 2 firmware/software in your accompanying DAVID IV FM/HD™ Radio Broadcast Processor.


  • Audio delay is adjustable in 1 millisecond increments between 1ms and 9.999 seconds.

  • Delay is applied to the Composite/MPX outputs of the DAVID IV, and to the analog or digital program line outputs when the FM mode is selected. The delay is not provided in the 20kHz Flat program line output mode.