Dynamic RDS/RBDS Encoder

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The full-function Model 712 gives ready access to the entire RadioData message stream. In addition to the usual static identifiers, two modes of scrolling messaging give the broadcaster a choice of rapid throughput or a slower, more safety-conscious method of displaying text in automobiles.

The Model 712 is compatible with hardware and software enhancements from third-party message consolidators, which may include TCP/IP addressability. The 712 allows selection of Inovonics' exclusive "Safe Scolling" mode. Although this gives a slower transmission than the more common 'block' method, Safe Scrolling is less distracting to the driver of a car. To view a short video of Safe Scrolling check Demonstration section Check out the 712-EasyConfig software.

This application greatly simplifies the 712 programming experience with an easy one page fill in the blank form! Software can be found in Downloads section.



  • Full-function dynamic encoder connects to station automation

  • Transmit song titles, etc. in either 'block' or 'safe scrolling' modes

  • Includes the TA function for traffic message priority override



Standards Supported

European CENELEC and United States NRSC.

RDS Applications Supported

  • PI (Program Identification) A “digital signature” for your station based on call letters (US) or assigned identifier (Europe).

  • PS (Program Service Name) Your station’s “street name” that automatically appears on the receiver faceplate. PS also offers the possibility of a scrolling text message if restrictions permit.

  • PTY (Program Type) This identifies your station format from a list of pre-defined categories and helps listeners find their programming preference quickly.

  • TP (Traffic Program) This data flag identifies stations that routinely include traffic bulletins in their everyday programming.

  • TA (Travel Announcement) A TA data flag is broadcast only during a critical traffic announcement. Some RDS radios automatically retune to a station airing such an announcement, even interrupting cassette or CD playback.

  • RT (RadioText) This is a 64-character block of plain text messaging that can be scrolled on the faceplate of many RDS receivers. Some automobile radios inhibit this display or require the driver to press a button to receive the message.
  • AF (Alternative Frequencies) The 712 sends a list of frequencies for networked stations or rebroadcast translators. This allows radios to seek the strongest signal for a specific transmission
  • DI (Decoder Information) Indicates whether the broadcast is monaural or one of several binaural or stereo options.

  • M/S (Music/Speech Switch) A data flag to indicate either music or speech-only programming.

  • FFG (Free Format Groups) The 712 can accept special commands to transmit hidden data within legitimate RDS groups. This may be useful for telemetry or for proprietary communications.

Pilot or MPX Input

An unbalanced, bridging BNC input that accepts either the composite/multiplex (MPX) signal or 19kHz TTL-level pilot sync from the stereo generator.

RDS or MPX Output

An unbalanced, low-impedance BNC output to feed a wideband input of the FM exciter.

Loop-Through Mode

In loop-through operation, the RDS subcarrier is internally mixed with the MPX input. The combined signal appears at the encoder output at unity gain.

Sidechain Mode

In sidechain operation, just the RDS subcarrier appears at the encoder output. The monitored MPX (or TTL sync) is used only to synchronize the 57kHz RDS subcarrier with the 19kHz stereo pilot.

RDS Injection Level

Continuously adjustable between zero and 2 volts p-p.

Serial Data Port

RS-232 port (DB-9) for static programming and dynamic messaging. 2400, 4800, 9600, or 115k baud; 8, N, 1, plaintext ASCII protocol.

TA Switching

The temporary TA flag is set either by a software command or with a momentary contact closure through a rear-panel BNC connector.

Power Requirements

105-130VAC or 210-255VAC, 50/60Hz; 10W

Size and Weight

1-3/4”H x 19”W x 7”D (1U); 7 lbs.