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AVAILABLE NOW. The 526 is Inovonics fourth-generation AM Modulation Monitor.

The all-digital 526 combines detailed DSP signal analysis with a menu-driven touch-screen display, plus Webserver-based total access for remote operation, including measurements, graphical data and direct Web-browser audio monitoring of the off-air program.


  • Remotely tune AM band, read metering, peak flashers.

  • Tuning Range: 520kHz to 1720kHz in 10kHz steps; 522kHz to 1719kHz in 9kHz steps.

  • Graphic 5-inch touch-screen and remote display of all level metering.

  • Station Rotation for `round robin´ monitoring of up to 30 preset stations.

  • Remote control and monitoring via Web.

  • Enhanced alarm logging with notifications via Email/SMS & SNMP.

  • Remote listening with multi-user stream and Dante/AES67 AoIP.

  Online Demo Available



Specifications tabulated here are actual, real-world measurements, not optimistic allusions to theoretical ideals. Measurement results should be repeatable when using the appropriate, laboratory-grade test equipment.


Tuning Range:

Tunes: 530kHz-1710kHz in 100kHz steps or 531kHz-1701kHz in 9kHz steps.

Antenna Input:

50Ω/75Ω (F), 1Vrms max.

High-Level RF Input:

Two selectable 50-ohm (BNC) inputs for day/night scheduling, 5Vrms max.

Off-Air Sensitivity (for 50dB monaural SNR):

  • For 50dB SNR, 5dBµV or better with 10kHz audio bandwidth and NRSC de-emphasis; 15dBµV or better with 15kHz bandwidth, no de-emphasis.

Frequency Response:

±0.25dB, 20Hz-15kHz in full-bandwidth mode.

Distortion (at 99% modulation):

<0.01% THD+N; <0.02% IMD (SMPTE, 60Hz/7kHz, 4:1).


NRSC ‘truncated’ 75µs (defeatable).

Audio Cutoff Filter:

Nth-order low-pass in audio monitor outputs only, programmable between 15kHz and 2kHz in 1kHz steps.


Program Audio Outputs:

Monaural program audio is delivered to ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ outputs for convenience in audio monitoring. The 526 does not support AM-stereo broadcasting. NOTE: Levels noted apply to symmetrical, ±100% carrier modulation. Consider headroom allowances for +125% program peaks.

  • Balanced Analog: (XLR) Outputs 1 and 2 (‘L/R’) are adjustable from –15dBu to +15dBu in 0.1dB steps; 200Ω resistive source.
  • AES Digital: (XLR) Adjustable from –30dBFS to 0dBFS in 0.1dB steps; user-selected 44.1kHz or 48kHz sample rate; 110Ω transformer-coupled.
  • Dante/AES67 Compatible AoIP Port: (RJ45) Output at 44.1kHz (Dante-only) or 44.1kHz/48kHz (Dante/AES67). The AoIP utility has independent IP, Audio Format and Transmit Flow settings; level adjustable from –30dBFS to 0dBFS in 0.1dB steps.
  • UDP Stream: ADTS or ADTS in MPEG-TS transport.
  • HTTP/Icecast ‘Casual’ Listening Stream: Web browser remote-listening stream employs HE-AACv2 encoding, 44.1kHz or 48kHz sample rate, bit-rates from 18kbps to 64kbps; accommodates up to 10 simultaneous listeners. HTTP/Icecast and raw UDP streams are available simultaneously.

Program Audio Outputs (continued):

  • Headphone Jack: (¼” TRS) Menu-adjustable listening level.
  • LAN Port: (RJ45) LAN connection to local network or Internet provides remote monitoring, control, listening and full SNMP implementation; user-programmable network setup and streaming parameters.

General Purpose I/Os (Plug-In Barrier Strip):

  • Inputs: GPIs are ground-seeking logic inputs with internal pull-up to +5Vdc. Programmable to accept momentary or sustained ground to switch functions.
  • Outputs: Individual open-collector NPN transistor closures to ground are associated with alarm alerts. Each is programmable for GPO assignment and logic polarity. Outputs sink 100mA, 40VDC max.


Bargraph & Numerical Level Metering:

Positive and Negative Carrier Modulation (+150%/ –100%) • Demodulated Monaural Audio (dB) • BS.1770 Loudness (LU) • RF SNR (%)

Graphic Displays and History Plots:

IF Spectrum • Audio Spectrum • IF/Demod Oscilloscope • Modulation History • RF Metrics History • Loudness History • Audio History • BandScanner.


  • Real-Time Clock: Auto-sets to Internet time; auto/manual DST setting; battery backup.

  • **Day/Night Scheduler: ** Webpage setup utility with link to FCC Sunrise & Sunset Calculator for automatic switchover, or GPI closure to ground for D/N operation.

  • **Local & Remote Alarms: ** Positive Overmod • Negative Overmod • Audio Loss • Low Signal (Day) • Low Signal (Night). NOTE: Alarms have multiple parameter settings. All alarms can send text or email notifications. Alarms are automatically logged daily, weekly and monthly.


Power Requirements

88-264VAC, Single-Phase; 12W.

Size and Weight

3½”H x 19”W x 9”D; 10 lbs. (shipping weight)

Operating Environmental

32°F/0°C-122°F/50°C; 0%-95% non-condensing relative humidity; 10,000ft/3048m.


  • CE: EN50081-1 / EN50082-1, 93/68/EEC
  • RoHS: 2002/95/EC.