Magnetic Recording Electronics

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The Inovonics 380 is a fourth generation self-contained Magnetic Recording Electronics for professional audio recording applications. Features which were optionally available in earlier versions have now been included as standard.

Suitable for either new OEM installations or for substantially improving the performance of existing magnetic tape and film recording equipment.


  • Equalization, level and bias adjustments for routine, two-speed operation, and an "optimized" operating mode with a third, separate set of adjustments for a different tape stock, operating level, track format, equalization, etc.

  • Accommodates a wide variety of original-equipment and replacement high or low impedance heads and interfaces with nearly all film and tape transports.

  • "Pickup" (Insert) Record Capability with adjustable delay, and "Sync" Reproduce with automatic monitor transfer.

  • Increased erase, bias and signal headroom for high coercivity tapes.

  • Defeatable "Auto Mute" circuit to attenuate playback during high speed search.

  • Provision for remote selection of monitor function and equalization.

  • Adjustable circuitry to reduce the effects of tape compression and phase distortions.

  • Switchable "VU" or 10ms, quasi-peak program metering.



Frequency Response (in Hz)

  • 30ips OVERALL/±1dB, 45 - 25k/ SYNC REPRODUCE /±1dB, 60 - 20k

  • 15ips OVERALL/±1dB, 25 - 20k/ SYNC REPRODUCE /±1dB, 30 - 20k

  • 7.5ips OVERALL/±1dB, 20 - 18k/ SYNC REPRODUCE /±1dB, 20 - 16k

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (in dB)

  • 30ips/OVERALL (u’wtd 65/ wtd 74)STANDBY(u’wtd 79/ wtd 86)

  • 15ips/OVERALL (u’wtd 63/ wtd 72)STANDBY(u’wtd 75/ wtd 84)

  • 7.5ips/OVERALL (u’wtd 64/ wtd 72)STANDBY(u’wtd 75/ wtd 84)

Recorded Distortion (at 15-mil wavelength bias peak; 15ips)

  • At Operating Level:HIGH SPEED (uncorrected).40% /OPTIMIZED MODE (linearized).35%

  • 3dB above Operating Level:HIGH SPEED (uncorrected).50% /OPTIMIZED MODE (linearized).40%

  • 6dB above Operating Level:HIGH SPEED (uncorrected).95% /OPTIMIZED MODE (linearized).70%

  • 9dB above Operating Level:HIGH SPEED (uncorrected)2.50% /OPTIMIZED MODE (linearized).85%


Accomodates NAB, IEC, AES or mixed characteristics for 3-3/4 through 30ips.


75dB erasure of 500Hz signal recorded 12dB above Operating level.

Erase Frequency


Bias Frequency


“Pickup” (Insert) Record Delay

Bias ramp-up and -down may b offset from that of erase by 12 to 120ms in HIGH SPEED and OPTIMIZED MODE. Delay doubles in LOW SPEED.

Head Impedance Range

  • Erase: 0.2 to 2.0mH

  • Record: 3 to 10mH

  • Reproduce: 3mH to 1H

Line Input

“Electronically-balanced” bridging; accepts nominal line levels between -10 and +10dBm in CALIB position of INPUT GAIN control. Control affords additional ±12dB gain range.

Line Output

Balanced, transformer-isolated, with provision for balanced, transformerless operation if desired. May be adjusted for nominal line levels between +4 and +10dBm. Clipping level, +28dBm into 600-ohm load; +30dBmV into bridging inputs.


Front panel meter may be switched between “VU” and quasi-peak response with 10ms (UK/EBU) integration.

Power Requirement

105-130VAC (230V available), 50/60Hz; 0.3A (plus transport)

Size and Weight

3-1/2” x 19” x 7”; 131bs.