Dual-Channel Tape Reproduce Amplifier

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The Inovonics 377 is a self-contained, dual-channel magnetic tape reproduce amplifier for professional applications.

Designed primarily for broadcast automation systems, the 377 also finds use in background music Installations, tape duplicator "QC" checkers and other basic, single-speed applications.


  • Accomodates virtually any tape reproduce head.

  • Low noise design utilizes an optimum combination of IC and discrete circuitry for lowest residual electronics noise.

  • Wide equalization adjustment range for both NAB and IEC recording characteristics, 1-7/8 to 30ips.

  • Multi-turn trim adjustments and fully regulated power supply assure stability of settings and drift-free operation.

  • Entire electronics amplifier subassembly unplugs from the front panel for ease of maintenance.



Frequency Response (in Hz)

  • 15ips/ ± 2dB/ 30-22k
  • 7.5ips/ ± 2dB/ 20-18k
  • 3.75ips/ ± 3dB/ 20-14k

Amplifier Distortion

  • <0.1% at +4 or +8dBm output
  • <0.3% THD at +22dBm output (Clipping Level +24dBm)


Transformer isolated, feeds 600 ohm line or bridging inputs, balanced or unbalanced, at +4 or +8dBm for zero-VU.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (STANDBY in dB)

  • 15ips/ u’wtd -70/ wtd -81
  • 7.5ips/ u’wtd -70/ wtd -81
  • 7.5ips/ u’wtd -69/ wtd -80
  • -00 version/ 200mH - 1H, 400mH optimum
  • -01 version/ same as -00 or strappable for 3 to 6mH, 4mH optimum

Panel Controls

POWER (via fuseholder) and LEVEL TRIM (±5dB) for each of two channels.

Trim Adjustments

GAIN CAL, H.F. and L.F. EQUALIZATION for each of two channels.

Power Requirement

105-130VAC (230V available), 50/60Hz; 1/4A (plus transport, if powered by 377).

Size and Weight

3-1/2” x 19” x 6”; 71bs.