Tape Reproduce Amplifier

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The Inovonics 376 is a self-contained, dual-channel magnetic tape reproduce amplifier for professional applications demanding uncompromising performance and reliability.


  • Accommodates virtually any tape or film reproduce head. -01 option can be strapped for either Hi-Z or Lo-Z head windings.

  • Low noise design utilizes an optimum combination of IC and discreet circuitry for lowest residual noise.

  • 3-Speed equalization with wide adjustment range for any combination of NAB and IEC characteristics, at speeds from 3-3/4 to 30ips. Solid state EQ switching is remotable for control by transport speed switch.

  • Phase compensation adjustment corrects for errors in the recording process which would degrade multi-generational tape copies.



Frequency Response (in Hz)

  • 30ips/ ± 2dB/ 60-22k
  • 15ips/ ± 2dB/ 30-22k
  • 7.5ips/ ± 2dB/ 20-16k
  • 3.75ips/ ± 3dB/ 20-12k

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (in dB)

  • 30ips/BIASED TAPE (u’wtd -67/ wtd -74) STANDBY(u’wtd -74/ wtd -83)
  • 15ips/BIASED TAPE (u’wtd -63/ wtd -72) STANDBY(u’wtd -70/ wtd -81)
  • 7.5ips/BIASED TAPE (u’wtd -65/ wtd -73) STANDBY(u’wtd -70/ wtd -81)
  • 3.75ips/BIASED TAPE (u’wtd -63/ wtd -71) STANDBY(u’wtd -69/ wtd -80)

Amplifier Distortion

  • <0.1% THD at +4 or +8dBm output

  • <0.3% THD at +24dBm output (Clipping Level +25dBm)


Transformer isolated, feeds 600 ohm line, balanced or unbalanced, terminated or not, at +4 or +8dBm for zero-VU.

  • -00 version/ RANGE (200mH - 1H)/ OPTIMUM (400mH)
  • -01 version/ RANGE (3 - 6mH)/ OPTIMUM (4mH)
  • -01 version/ RANGE (200mH - 1H)/ OPTIMUM (400mH)

Panel Controls

Pushbutton selection of POWER and HIGH, INTER. or LOW equalization. Hidden slide switch for Phase Compensation enable/disable.

Trim Controls

For each two channels; GAIN, PHASE COMP., HF and LF EQUAL. for each of 3 speeds.

Power Requirement

105-130VAC (230V available), 50/60Hz; .2A(plus transport, if applicable)

Size and Weight

3-1/2” x 19” x 10”; 161bs.