Dual Channel Tape Recording Electronics

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The Model 355 is a multi featured, professional magnetic recording electronics package equally suited to original installations or for upgrading existing systems in the studio recording, broadcast or motion picture fields.


  • Compact -two fully independent channels in a single 3% inch rack mount chassis.

  • 3-Speed Equalization accommodates any combination of NAB or IEC curves. LF equalization easily defeated at any speed.

  • Full Remote Control of all modes: READY/RECORD; INPUT, TAPE and SYNC monitor. Solid-State switching eliminates contact noise.

  • Distortion Reduced through the use of " Ilinearized" Recording Amplifiers and phase corrected Reproduce and Sync Amplifiers.

  • Separate Reproduce and Sync Amp'lifiers permit optimum adjustment of equalization in both playback modes.

  • Plug-In Circuit Cards combine advantages of both IC and discrete circuitry for unexcelled performance and trouble-free operation.



Frequency Response (in Hz)

  • 30ips ±2dB / OVERALL 60-20k / SYNC 60-15k

  • 15ips ±2dB / OVERALL 35-20k / SYNC 40-15k

  • 7.5ips ±2dB / OVERALL 30-15k / SYNC 40-7.5k

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (in dB)

  • 30ips/OVERALL (u’wtd -62/ wtd -71)SYNC (u’wtd -62/ wtd -72) STANDBY (u’wtd -72/wtd -83)

  • 7.5 - 15ips/OVERALL (u’wtd -61/ wtd -67)SYNC (u’wtd -61/ wtd -70) STANDBY (u’wtd -69/wtd -78)


3 speeds with solid-state switching. Adjusts for any combination of NAB and I EC characteristics.

Erase/Bias Frequency

250kHz standard. 100kHz available on special order.


75dB erasure of 500Hz signal recorded 3dB below tape saturation.

Recorded Distortion (LIN and NOISE BAL controls optimized -3M 206 tape)

  • < .15% THD at 200nW/m

  • < 1 % THD at 6dB above 200nW/m

Amplifier Distortion

  • Record: <.1% THD at Operating Level/ <.2% THD 25dB above Operating Level

  • Reproduce: <.1 % THD at Operating Level


  • Sensitivity: -20 to +8dBm

  • Impedance: 10K, unbalanced (transformer optional)


  • Line Output -feeds 600 ohm line or bridging input at +4 or +8dBm. Clipping level +24dBm.

  • Rear Panel headphone jack

Panel Controls

  • RECORD: Gain (with preset CAL position)

  • REPRO: Gain (with preset CAL position)

  • MODE: Selects SAFE/READY and INPUT, TAPE, or SYNC monitor, or activates REMOTE control of all functions.

Power Requirement

±20 VDC, 400mA; 250 kHz, 1 V rms

Size and Weight

3-1/2” x 19” x 9”; 121bs.

Accessories Power Supplies

Model 900 (8 tracks max.) Model 910 (24 tracks max.)