Radio World - Inovonics Highlights New HD Mod Monitors

CEO - Ben Barber, Discusses New Products and Importance of Remote Access

Posted on February 28, 2022 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Supply Side is a RADIO WORLD series of occasional interviews with industry manufacturers and service providers,

Here is an excerpt from the interview with Inovonics´ President/CEO, Ben Barber. He discusses the new 551 & 552 HD Radio Modulation Monitors along with the importance of remote monitoring in today´s world of Radio Broadcasting.

Ben Barber is president/CEO of Inovonics Inc.

Radio World: What’s the most significant technology trend for radio stations in your part of the business?
Ben Barber: Monitoring of their stations. That is the biggest growth sector in equipment that we see. Engineers are spread thin, and they need to know what is happening at their remote stations.

RW: How is the company approaching that?
Barber: Inovonics has two new HD Radio Modulation Monitors. Model 551 is a 3U box with lots of meters and diagnostics on the front panel. The Model 552 is a 1U box that is more for the remote site where you use it to log in remotely to obtain all the pertinent data you need.

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