Firmware Upgrades now available for all E-mail Capable Products.

Inovonics announces a major firmware upgrade supporting the latest encryption standard, TLS 1.2

Posted on January 10, 2017 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Felton, CA – We are very pleased to announce a major firmware upgrade for all Inovonics´ email capable products supporting the latest encryption standard, TLS 1.2.

Previously, only SSLv3 was supported. With the new firmware upgrade, users can send email alarms & notifications through virtually any free or paid email provider.

Inovonics recommends that users download and install the new firmware at their earliest convenience. The new firmware can be downloaded by navigating to the unit’s individual product page on our website or going to the Product Download Page.

This firmware upgrade affects the following Inovonics models:

  • JUSTIN 808 HD-Radio Time Alignment Processor
  • 531N FM Modulation Analyzer
  • 525N AM Modulation Analyzer
  • INOmini 638 FM/HD SiteStreamer
  • INOmini 637 AM SiteStreamer
  • INOmini 635 FM/RDS SiteStreamer
  • 610 Internet Radio Monitor
  • AARON 640 FM Re-Broadcast Receiver
  • AARON 650 FM Re-Broadcast Receiver