"Listener Experience" Added to 638 HD-Radio Monitor

New feature is available with firmware upgrade for enhanced remote monitoring

Posted on June 15, 2018 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

FELTON, CA —  The INOmini 638 HD SiteStreamer™, manufactured by Inovonics,  is now available with “Listener Experience” to enhance remote monitoring of FM and HD Radio Channels  through the dynamic web interface.

Listener Experience is a new option available on the 638 remote web interface that allows users to remotely view on a single screen all of the FM and HD-Radio Channels 1-8 from channel presets on the unit. From a single screen,  users can now individually select and view information from the FM channel, and all of the HD-Radio channels that are being  transmitted. Available information includes: Station Call Letters, RDS messaging, Artist, Title, Album, and Genre. In addition, the 638 allows for remote listening via a live stream. 


Listener Experience is available as a free firmware upgrade for  the 638. Users  need  to install the 638 Firmware Update Rev which is available for download at this link: http://www.inovonicsbroadcast.com/product/638#downloads