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808 :: JUSTIN HD Radio™ Delay Processor
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“This is the kind of thing that will help make HD Radio better for listeners, car dealers, and the industry in general, by eliminating blending problems…”
- Paul Shullins, Greater Media Boston.

Inovonics’ JUSTIN 808 maintains time alignment between analog FM and HD1 channels to within 23 microseconds (±1 sample). The JUSTIN 808 only makes it's time-alignment adjustments to the HD1 channel leaving the critical FM transmission untouched - an important distinction when choosing a time-alignment processor.
No more lost words, stuttering, echoes, or level shifts. The entire sync process is 100% automatic, and the JUSTIN’s Web interface features SNMP support and dispatches e-mail and SMS alarm messages.
Approved by DTS/iBiquity for HD Radio.

To view the 808-00 web interface in action, simply follow this link in your web browser:


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"The JUSTIN 808 continues to do a consistently great job at keeping our HD and analog signals in alignment, even our station that has separate processing for the HD and analog which results in a wider and more rapid drifting of the HD to analog time delay"
- Sam Caputa, Emmis Communications

“Our interaction with the Inovonics Engineering department has been first class. They get it and understand STL (Studio Transmission Link) transmission issues. We have a working unit that is user friendly, remote accessible and does what we want, control shifts in timing in STL delivery systems.”
– Jeff Mahaney, MBPN (Maine Public Broadcasting Network)
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