635 :: INOmini FM/RDS SiteStreamer™
Product Innovation Award Winner
The INOmini 635 is a Web-enabled FM receiver for remote signal monitoring. It is essentially a remote-control FM radio with remote audio monitoring capabilities via the Internet. Installed at a transmitter/translator site or any remote location, it streams off-air audio or a wired audio feed back to any computer, tablet or mobile device.

The browser interface enables remote tuning, displays audio levels and RDS data, and logs signal parameters. Email, SMS messaging and SNMP protocols are fully supported.

NEW FEATURE: Station Rotation™ - monitor all station presets by ‘round robin’ sequencing, each with its specific alarm parameters.

To view the 635-00 web interface in action, simply follow this link in your web browser:


Media Coverage:

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"With such a wide service area and smaller broadcast foot prints it was not possible to listen via a radio to our various frequencies. We often would have to drive 2 hours just to be able to confirm that there was an issue. After demoing several products from several vendors we opted for the Inovonics 635. This was the only product that had all the features we wanted. The device has a simple interface both for use and configuration. The end user experience was thoroughly thought out with all aspects of use being developed including access from mobile devices." - Jason Reed, Dir. of Technology & Broadcasting at WCQS
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