387 - Magnetic Reproduce Amplifier


The Inovonics 387 is high performance reproduce-only electronics for magnetic tape and film playback applications.

A rack-mount chassis with power supply accommodates from one to four plug-in amplifier modules, each a complete and independent reproduce channel.


  • Very low noise design combines best aspects of discrete and integrated circuitry.

  • Three separate sets of high resolution, multiturn Level and EQ adjustments.

  • Three-point EQ includes gap loss compensation; accommodates all tape and film curves. Remote EQ selection provision.

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Frequency Response (in Hz)

  • 30ips/ ± 1dB/ 45Hz - 25kHz

  • 15ips/ ± 1dB/ 25Hz - 20kHz

  • 7.5ips/ ± 1dB/ 20Hz -18kHz

  • 3.75ips/ ± 2dB/ 20Hz - 12kHz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

  • Referred to a “peak” record level 6dB above 200nWm; 20Hz - 20kHz

  • 30ips/ u’wtd 78dB/ wtd 85dB

  • 15ips/ u’wtd 74dB/ wtd 83dB

  • 7.5ips/ u’wtd 74dB/ wtd 83dB

  • 3.75ips/ u’wtd 70dB/ wtd 77dB


Electronics generate <0.2% THD, 10Hz - 20kHz at any level up to clipping.

Line Output

Electronically-balanced, 600-Ohm source impedance; clipping level +24dBm into 600-Ohm load.

Monitor Output

Front panel jack drives both sides of a stereo headset.


LEVEL, LOW FREQ., HIGH FREQ. and GAP LOSS presets for each of three front panel or remotely selected Equalization positions. Switch-enabled VARIABLE LEVEL vernier affords -5, +10dB adjustment over preset values.

Head Impedance Range

3mH - 1H, 400/600mH optimum

Power Requirement

105-130VAC (230V available), 50/60Hz; 10W

Size and Weight

3-1/2” x 19” x 7”; 121bs.