Congratulations to INOmini winner William Harrison!
May 09, 2017
by admin

INOmini winner – William Harrison
This year at the 2017 Public Radio Engineering Conference (PREC), Inovonics gave away an INOmini to one lucky attendee. This year’s winner was William Harrison from WETA in Arlington, VA, a joint license NPR and PBS radio and television station. Harrison has been working for WETA for close to 15 years, the last 12 or so in FM. He has been subscribed to PubTech for longer than he can remember!

WETA is unique in that they are a classical music station, have on-air talent spinning CDs for 18 hours every day and program their own automation for overnight. One of their primary goals in to minimize the amount of processing and compression to their signal, in order to retain the greatest amount of dynamic range in the music.

Harrison got his start in radio in the 1990s, when Dick Cassidy and Mike Byrnes hired him to do some computer work for WAMU-FM in Washington DC. They quickly discovered that he also knew something about electronics as well as audio, so they “rewarded him” by giving him even more work to do, and he has never looked back.
Inovonics currently offers 14 different 1/3 rack units, better known as “INOminis” , and Harrison’s prize allowed him to choose any one of them from the Inovonics catalog. He has chosen the INOmini 638 FM/HD Radio SiteStreamer as his prize.

Harrison says “It will be a great remote confidence monitor for an HD translator we have that is too far away to monitor with conventional off-air pickup gear. “ When asked if he had any other Inovonics gear already, Harrison said “We’ve got more than our fair share of Inovonics gear. We use Inovonics RDS encoders at three different transmitter sites; we have at least seven INOmini receivers (FM, HD, and Weather) to drive EAS systems and serve as confidence monitors in various locations. As an LP-2 station, it’s important that our EAS receivers be as reliable as possible.”

We would like to congratulate William on his win, as well as express our gratitude in his continued support of Inovonics gear.

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