Congratulations to INOmini Winner Laverne Siemens!
May 15, 2017
by admin

INOmini winner – Laverne Siemens
This year at the 2017 Luncheon for Barry’s Mishkind’s Broadcast List, Inovonics gave away an INOmini to one lucky attendee. This year’s winner was Laverne Siemens from Golden West Radio in Manitoba, Canada. Siemens has been working for Golden West for nearly 38 years!
Golden West Radio is a chain of 40+ radio stations in small to medium markets in Western Canada and is “uber-local”. As an engineering team, they take pride in doing almost all of the tech work themselves from IT to automation installs to AM Antenna tuning and tower climbing.
Siemens originally became interested in becoming a radio announcer, but also had a technical bend. After high school, 2 years at a broadcast tech school hooked him for good.
Inovonics currently offers 14 different 1/3 rack units, better known as “INOminis”, and Siemens’ prize allowed him to choose any one of them from the Inovonics catalog. He has chosen the INOmini 633 FM/RDS Monitor/Receiver as his prize.
When asked why he chose the 633, Siemens replied, “The 633 is the most needed device from the list for our company and we have previous experience with it.” Siemens says he has quite a bit of other Inovonics’ gear, ranging from the old school 530 FM Mod Monitor and 630 Relay Receiver to newer Inovonics gear, like the 633 and AARON 650.

We would like to congratulate Laverne on his win, as well as express our gratitude in his continued support of Inovonics gear.

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